Unidata CE is a system for managing key data of the business distributed across different information systems. Unidata CE belongs to the class of Master Data Management (MDM) solutions. Data Governance (DG) solution can also be based on it.

Unidata CE is an open-source solution available to any user to build their own MDM system. It is scalable, so you can run it on several machines (application nodes) in a cluster.

Due to its modular architecture Unidata CE is extensible and flexible. Most of the modules are free, and you can also develop your own ones. This gives a wide range of possible settings such as deployment sets can be variadic according to customer needs or different sets of operations on incoming data can be configured. For more details, see Modular architecture.

The entire number of modules and components cannot be publicly available due to legal aspects and other obligations. We understand the importance of getting information, so we have prepared a Roadmap community that provides an overview of the major steps to create and improve the system.