What is Unidata CE?

Unidata CE is an open-source system for MDM. See About for details.

How to install Unidata CE?

Recommended way: use Docker. See Installation page for details.

You can also read User Documentation

How to report a problem or suggest changes?

FE. Create an issue in frontend project

BE. Create an issue in backend project

How to upload data to the Unidata MDM & use different source systems?

Currently you can upload data only through REST-API. See Data Management via REST API.

Also you can use API: http://localhost:8081/unidata-backend/api/v1/data/api-docs?url=/unidata-backend/api/v1/data/openapi.json#/records/upsertEntity (the example uses the localhost:8081 host. If you use a different host, change it).

What tools are included in Unidata CE?

Tools are divided into groups:

  • System administration
    • CRUD accounts & user roles, Access rights, Security labels

    • Audit logs

    • Operations

    • Pipelines & platform parameters

    • etc

  • Data model management
    • CRUD data model objects

    • Using drafts

    • Using data sources, enums & measurements

    • Import/export data model

    • etc

  • Work with records
    • CRUD records

    • Search records

    • Using drafts

    • etc

Which release is the newest?

See the list of releases. Also see Latest releases page. The latest version is 6.7

Is it possible to install Unidata MDM without using Docker (Gradle build)?

You can install the system manually using these instructions.

You need to know how to use Git, since the artifacts are in the build pipelines

Where to find information about open and enterprise modules?

All open modules are available after installation. See the list of open modules.

How to add new modules?

FE. See the project in Gitlab. The project describes how to extend UI.

BE. In proccess. For now you can watch a video example.

How to update the system if you have your own modules?

BE. In proccess.

FE. If you use the modules, then you could just use new modifications while updating to the 6.x version. We will not make breaking changes to the API modules.

If you use UserExits or Overrides, then you will need to check if the UI is working correctly after the update to the 6.x version.

Where the configuration files are located?

See Configuration & Logging page.