We are planning to share the following modules and artifacts to the community:


  • Common & MDM

    • Various UI&UX improvements.

    • LTS release.

    • Basic Compare & Merge screens. These screens are supposed to be used in the following cases: comparing draft & published versions, comparing revisions and etc.

    • Basic Metadata History feature: list & compare revisions. Third-party may use the feature as well.

    • External connection framework. The main aim to provide a single place where varions third-party modules define connectors to an external system in a common way. Should be used for DG / DQ / MDM.

    • UI Batch operations.

    • Some refactoring.

  • DataQuality

    • Execution phases, i.e. an example how DQ module may be applied multiple times depending on some condition.

    • Templates.

  • DataGovernance

    • Basic Asset Types & Relations management.

    • Some DG basic ‘data’ staff to be added.


  • Basic DataQuality module

    • Validation and data enrichment driven by configurable data quality rules and cleanse functions. The module is independent. He can be used within any data type including records/relations/classification.

  • Basic batch operations with records

  • Basic matching of records

    • Engine for search and matching duplicate records.


  • Basic community documentation in English

  • UseCases & Samples

  • System admin UI

    • User & role management. System maintenance & configuration, audit.

  • Data steward UI

    • Search, create and edit records. UI supports all basic data stewardship features such as record history screen, merge screen, and etc.

  • Data model admin UI

    • Data model management via UI: CRUD operations on data model objects (entities/lookup entities/relations), etalon calculation rules and etc.